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 Water Security Centre foundation

On 28 January 2013, the Water Resources University of Viet Nam decided to establish a Water Security Centre of Water Resources University (WRU-WSC) on to promote research, education and application of good practices in water security in Viet Nam and in South-East Asia.  This decision was made on the basis of regional priorities and various national efforts.

Our_Mission: To promote research, education and application of good practices in water security in Viet Nam and to initiate collaborative activities in South-East Asia as well as within the framework of Asia-Pacific Water Forum (APWF).

Our_Vision: To become a knowledge hub on water security in Viet Nam and a leading agent for linking national initiatives in South-East Asia with those at the Asia-Pacific region and global initiatives on water security.


 Strategic Framework of Operations
Key Elements of the Strategic Framework of Operations:

- Internal partnership network building

- International cooperation

- Provision of professional services

- Professional development for knowledge building


 Conceptual Approach for WSC Operations
Perception of Water Security in Research and Cooperation of WRU-WSC:

- Research in water security should be actions and policy oriented.

- Water security must address the needs of socio-economic development and environmental...


Foundation for Operations Strategy of WRU Water Security Center: To build on experiences and strengths of Viet Nam, including the following areas:

- Water security in research: Transform from a food-import country before 1989 into world...


WRU-WSC Domestic Priorities: Potential Network on Water Security Research in Viet Nam:

- WRU is willing to support development of a network on water security research and education with: Polytechnic Universities of Hanoi, Danang, Ho chi Minh City, Can Tho, and other institutions...


International Priorities: Linking National, Subregional, Regional & Global Initiatives:

- WRU will integrate water security into its existing network of international cooperation, e.g. IAHR, Korean WR Association, Japanese Universities, etc...


Possible Activities of WRU-WSC to Support Climate Change Adaptation:

- Support study and research on assessment of impacts of climate change on water security.

- Support development of strategies on eco efficient water infrastructure...


New ideas generated by the consultation between the APCWS mission and WRU:

- International workshop on Water-Food-Energy Nexus jointly organized by APCWS and WRU-WSC in 2013 either in Hanoi or Danang.

- Leadership seminar on water security in Hanoi...


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 WSC international cooperation
Framework of Priorities for International Cooperation

- WSC will take an active part in the promotion of regional cooperation on water security of APWF
- Partnership with APCWS is expected to involve in the preparation of AWDOs, strengthening regional network on water security and promotion of research and education on water security
- WSC is expected to support initiatives of ASEAN on water security in South-East Asia
- WSC will seek opportunities to support the United Nations, especially those regional entities on water security
- WSC will seek opportunities to participate in World Water Forum, especially the Seventh World Water Forum


Opportunities for Regional Cooperation on Water Security

From 2008 to 2011, ADB and partners within the framework of Asia-Pacific Water Forum adopted a new approach and new methodologies to prepare the Asian Water Development Outlook (AWDO).  It should be noted that AWDO was intended to be a working document for the Asia-Pacific Water Summit, when Heads of States and Heads of Governments of Asia-Pacific countries meet and exchange views on water and development.

The new approach for preparation of AWDO involve all key partners of ADB in APWF in order to ensure active participation of these key partners in the process and to promote ownership in regional policy making of the Summit.  This was in contrast to the approach of the First AWDO in 2007, which was prepared by mainly ADB Consultants.  In addition to the new approach, the new...


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